Hanbing Yan

Personal Projects

Star Fighting Game - space combat

Space combat game based on Unity using C# for develoment. You can directly download, unzip, run .exe and play with it!
starfighting-master.zip(Only works for Windows:-))

Unity C#

Hanbing's Self-made Personal Blog using node.js

I wanted to make a personal blog cos I think it might be interesting, so I searched the way to create static website then I found it recommeded using one of useful packages of node named Metalsmith. Although it's really kind of annoying to learn node, I survived with this personal blog www.myblog.hanbingyan.net

The source code you can check in GitHub is: github.com/hyan1203/PersonalBlog_learnnode

Node.js Metalsmith Markdown

Sensor Data Collection and Management System

Android and Web development for sensor data collection and management. Good experience to make difference by combining hardware and software together!!!

mbed Android Javascript PHP Bootstrap

Senior Project in China - Geographical Disaster Information Management Platform

This first self-project really teaches me a lot. I get to know how excited to complete a project by myself and starts to be a passionate developer!!!

More decription about this project in my Github: https://github.com/hyan1203/senior-design-project

Extjs Javascript Sevelet

Math Card Game

The project I am doing with one of my coworkers. When I show this game to my coworker, he said we should make this to a Web-based game because American people are bad at math.

We're still working on this: http://geekwagon.net/projects/math-card-game

Info! If you think I did well, Put some roses in the basket to let me know!!! Comments will be great!!!

About Me

At very beginning of my CS career, I chose this major because I think computer science is about how to make animation possible. I learnt my stupidity when I started coding. Obviously CS is something else which is more like makeing software for animation producer. I felt sad about this major when I learnt customers will never know how hard to make what they want happen and never stop complaining about any bugs. However, when I did my senior design project which is my first self-made project, I started to find a little joy in this major...

Then I came to America to pursue my master degree of CS. My interest for CS grows fast since I had chances to do team projects and more self projects. I find happiness to work with others and really make something happen. I find happiness when other people applaud for our team presentation and high five with team members at the end. I also find happiness when you figure out another solution after you failed. I really appreciate my classmates and coworkers who give me so much encourage and confidence.

It's weird I can't fall asleep when I am stuck in some programing problems. Even if I slept, the problems will haunt me like my whole dream is solving puzzles. I would rather stay up late to fix all problems. Maybe that's why some people say "you chose right major, you have basic important quality for CS". I don't know whether I made the right chooise. But I am really happy for finding some passion in this field. Thanks for everyone I met and me who never give up!!!